Digital tours with trabble

We make it very easy for you: You don't need any programming knowledge to create a digital tour, because we have already prefabricated all the elements for you as a modular system - all you have to do is click and combine!

Dashboard des Editors

Create tours with the editor

The editor is the heart of the browser-based trabble software and the toolbox with which all tours are created. The elements that can be added to the tour are shown in a bar on the right edge of the screen. The structure of the tour and the order of the already existing elements can be displayed via the menu on the left side.

Easily build tours with ready-made elements

Combine the ready-made elements easily to create your own route and tell your digital guests your stories and tips in a multimedia and personal way at the same time!


With spots you determine the route of your tour - just those spots and places that your digital guests should visit. For each spot, give some initial information about what the user can expect and choose an impressive picture of the spot. In the app, the user has the option of being navigated to the spot - so make sure you have the correct address or coordinates. Creativity (e.g. a sounding headline) and diligence pay off with spots, since the spots also serve as a preview of the tour on the trabble website and as a tour overview within the app. The better they are designed, the greater the likelihood that a user will be won over by your tour and buy it.


The info element provides the user with all the information he should know about a spot - here you tell your story with your texts, images, videos and audios, present places or sights and give insider tips that are exciting for the user. You can create any number of info elements for a spot - just as it suits your narrative thread.

How do spot and infoscreen differ?

You can view a spot like a station or a thematic chapter of your tour. The infoscreens are then the pages within this chapter - as soon as everything about this chapter has been told via the infoscreens, create a new spot. Spots contain the navigate button in the app, info screens do not. So if your guest should change location, create a new spot or use the find location element for a little scavenger hunt.


With the quiz element, you can give your digital guests riddles and make your tour even more exciting. There is the possibility to ask for a solution word, to create a multiple choice quiz, to estimate a number or to put several terms or numbers in the right order.


With the quest element, a task can be defined for which there is no right or wrong solution, but creativity is required - for the user as well as for the creator. As a solution mode, you can choose to take a photo or video, or you can choose not to define a solution in order to define the task completely freely. For editing the quest element the same options are available as for the info element.

Find spot

You can use the find location element to add a bit of a scavenger hunt to your tour: you enter GPS coordinates and the user can then find the destination using the digital compass needle or on the map in the trabble app. Use the element, for example, to lead your guests to the hidden insider tips of your tour in a particularly playful way!

Scan code

The Scan code element challenges the user to find and scan a QR code to continue the tour. For example, you can integrate your favorite café into your tour and negotiate a special deal with the operator for your tour bookers if they scan the code placed there.


Among the ready-made elements is the paste element. If you want to copy a created element, first click on "Copy" in the element's menu. Then click the "+" to create a new element and select "Paste" in the elements bar. If an element is to be used in the same or a similar form at several points on a tour, paste makes the work considerably easier.

What is possible with trabble? Anything you can imagine - for example:

Theme tours: from pub crawls to urban art tours to green fashion shopping

With trabble you can turn any topic and passion into a digital tour: Show your users the best craft beer locations and send them to your favorite brewery to finish. You know every hidden graffiti and its story? Great, then take urban art fans to the right places and tell everything you know about the artworks. Does your heart burn for sustainable fashion? Show your users where you go shopping and tell them along the way what really matters in green fashion - by text, audio or video. Just as you like.

City discovery as an adventure - for young and old

Everyone loves to be entertained! Send your users on a discovery tour through your city or region and give them small puzzles and tasks to solve. Interactive tours are particularly popular with families or groups of friends - a scavenger hunt through the history of the city, a riddle on Bauhaus architecture or an instructive quiz from sight to sight - anything is possible!

Tourtorial: Teach your users something new

As the name Tourtorial suggests: simply do a mixture of tour and tutorial and earn something with your practical knowledge on the side. Best example: A digital photo walk to the most exciting lost places in your city - and at each station you use your own photo to explain how these places are captured with the HDR style. Very easy to implement digitally!

Tours for specific occasions

The perfect tour for the first date. The district walk for authentic carnival. The best route for alternative bachelorette parties. There are many occasions when you can create themed tours and offer users real added value!

This is how your tour will be a success

There are a few tricks how you can design your tour particularly well and it will be bought by many digital guests:

  • Choose an attractive cover photo for your tour: The first image in the tour settings is the cover photo of your tour in the app and is therefore the flagship of your tour!
  • An exciting description of the tour also helps with sales - you can add it in the tour settings!
  • Pay attention to good quality pictures: meaningful motifs, exciting perspectives or interesting picture sections make your tour particularly attractive!
  • Use multimedia content such as videos, audios or quizzes to make your tour even more personal - tours with these elements are specially marked in the app!
  • Introduce yourself: write a meaningful guide profile and also include other channels such as Instagram or similar there. The more personal you introduce yourself, the more users will be interested in your tours!
  • Test your tour before you publish it! You can also have friends test you via the QR code - simply scan the code with the trabble app and off you go!