Every guide for in your pocket

Turns your smartphone into a guide

Explore your destination with the smartphone as your guide: trabble offers digital tours by local experts – our app takes you through their town and into their stories! At your pace, tailored to your interests and easy as a piece of cake.

Self-explore at your onw pace

No more following the umbrella in a single file: Just pick your trabble tour and off you go! On your own or as a group. You can stop anytime and continue later – the app takes you by the hand yet giving you all the freedom you want.

Digital tours for real life adventures

On trabble you won’t find any run-of-the-mill tours or pseudo insider tips: Our guides love to tell real, local stories, share their passion and show you the special little corners of their town.

Intruiging stories told by bona fide locals

We vow: No more random sightseeing! trabble tours follow a concept and take you to the big star attractions as well as to the lesser known gems.

With videos: digital yet personal

trabble tours are handmade by real people. Thanks to their video content a trabble tour feels like a real tour – but for your eyes and ears only.

From quiz to tourtorial: exploring with fun

Looking for a scavenger hunt through town or a tourtorial for the perfect shot? trabble offers interactive exploring instead of bored trudging along!

Be all ears: audio guide included

Never miss a word again: Listen to your digital guide while following their trail. You’re not in the middle of a group – you are the group!

How it works

Become a digital guide

You have a real story to tell, you know the hippest spots in town or you burn for a particular subject? Create a trabble tour and earn money.

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